- Design -


Fresh ideas conceived by young people without preconceptions. Young ideas that have the ability to dream, that see the world from a new perspective, sometimes eccentric, sometimes rational and modern.
For the design of our kitchen utensils, we often draw on young people with a strong background in design and prototyping of new products. In collaboration with some important design schools and institutes, we work to create new items which can anticipate fashion by bringing beautiful and functional items. The resulting ideas are then subject to careful technical analysis, carried out by people who have always worked with materials and are able to give a technical judgment related to the feasibility of production and usability of the tool. This continuous exchange of ideas between the “new”, represented by young designers, and the “old”, centred on people who have been producing items for years, leads to the right effervescence of our production and the dynamism is at your disposal for the realization of your ideas as well.