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Olsano is a young business born after the technical and commercial development of the home sector of the Bianchi company. Bianchi, founded back in 1972, dealt with two distinct sectors for years: polishing and grinding of household metal items and furniture components. The second division of the company dealt with the production of dry and sparkling wine stoppers.

Olsano was founded from this line of business, thanks to its success and the changing market trend. Olsano is a company operating in the production and marketing of kitchen utensils and is mainly aimed at leading companies in the marketing of kitchen utensils in Nylon 6.6. Thanks to the dynamism of the company and the entire staff, we are able to completely follow the whole process of launching a new article.

From the initial idea, the creation of a sustainable project and model, up to the large-scale production of the product, scrupulously observing every stage of the process. The production process is automated and constantly monitored. On the other hand, the final sampling is done manually. Every product must comply with strict quality standards. In a short time, this process has allowed us to become a reliable and continuous partner for many brands that distribute their products all over the world. Today, our distribution reaches directly countries all over Europe as far as the Far East.